3D Microscope FV Camera

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3D Microscope FV Camera

[Xμ3DPro] – a 3D Camera based on FV 3D Technology (ISO 25178-606), capable of turning any microscope into 3D profiler without having to add motorised Z drive to the scope. This 3D FV camera has both built-in Z focus drive and computer in the body that work in tandem to move the focus plane continuously and capture image simulataneously.

Wide applications:
Directly equip with metallographic, stereo and other reflective microscopes.

Easy to use:
No computer required, perform 3D observation and measurement. Only one-click to create 3D matrix, then you can observe the real scene or pseudo-color model with 360° rotation, measure any position and record data in real time. With the metallographic microscope of 10 times objective lens, the Z-axis measurement accuracy and repeatability is±2 micron and±1 micron. The higher magnification objective lens, and the higher precision data.

Accuracy measurement:
2D automatic measurement function

No need for the manually precise positioning, the camera enables you to finish your batches measuring project as quickly as possible. With the stereo microscope of 2.5 times magnifying, the 2D automatic measurement accuracy and repeatability is ±5 micron and ±3 micron.

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