IMT Digital Microscopy Analysis

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IMT microscope analysis

IMT Microscopy Image Analyzer

Image analyzer is the brain of modern microscopy system. Besides performing the routine jobs of processing and analyzing the microscopy image, it plays the central control role to coordinate all the ongoing operations – camera capturing, stage scanning, lighting intensity, lens change, auto focusing, object segmentation etc. Moreover, the image analyzer needs to ensure the analysis algorithms conform to the test/ examination set by standard bodies (ASTM/ISO etc).

The IMT family of software helps you keep pace with today’s rapidly changing digital technology. This exceptional software technology and leading image analysis tool will streamline image capture, measurement and enhancement while improving the accuracy of your results. All IMT image analysis versions combine revolutionary as expert in image analysis today and optimize your work environment with this microscopy imaging software suite.

Application :
Electronics, PCBA, Semiconductor : Measurement- Micro Crack, Void, Phase, IMC Intermetallic compound, Particle & etc.

General : Focus Enhancement, Smooth stitching image, Auto multi-edge measurement, ROI, manual measurement & etc.

All IMT camera solution is compatible to market branded of microscope system. #Carlzeiss #Leica #Nikon #Olympus #Optika #SEM #microscope