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IMT i-Solution_Image Analyzer

Image analyzer is the brain of modern microscopy system. Besides performing the routine jobs of processing and analysing the microscopy image, it plays the central control role to coordinate all the ongoing operations – camera capturing, stage scanning, lighting intensity, lens change, auto focusing, object segmentation etc. Moreover, the image analyzer needs to ensure the analysis algorithms confirm to the test/ examination set by standard bodies (ASTM/ISO etc).

The IMT family of software helps you keep pace with today’s rapidly changing digital technology. This exeptional software technology and leading image analysis tool will streamline image capture, measurement and enhancement while improving the accuracy of your results. All IMT image analysis versions combine revolutionary measurement and analysis technology with intuitive user interface. Turn yourself as expert in image analysis today and optimize your work environment with this microscopy imaging software suite.

Count and Size

  • With IMT software you can auto-detect specific objects within an image in order to find the total number of objects in the image and extract the data. By dragging the mouse across the image area of interest, you can detect objects and generate a wide variety of data.

Irregular Diameter Measurement

  • Measuring irregular diameter by phases is accomlished by automatically creating an irregular diameter measurements object from the thresholded objects. Two irregular diameter measurement objects are created as the source of the two phases with Min, Max, Average, and Standard deviation of diameters. In addition, the distance between the two objects centers is created in order to calculate the inter-center displacement.

Phase Analysis & Advanced Thresholding

  • With IMT software you can conduct phase analysis on an entire image or within a specified Region of Interest (ROI) and you can sort images using Gray Scale, RGB, HSB or YUV. In addition, you can automatically or manually manipulate images using Fill Holes and a Removing & Adding Objects tool during the thresholding stage of phase analysis. Because you can manipulate images during the thresholding stage rather than after it, your phase analysis will be more accurate. All results of phase analysis are displayed simultaneously as statistical data and in chart form. You can also export images, object data, statistical data, and charts directly to an Excel file.

Unique Measurement Tools – Including Various Perpendicular Distance Measurements

  • A wide variety of unique measuring tool allows the measurement of straight and curved lines, diameters, radius, distances, area, perpendicular distance, and much more.
  • With any of the perpendicular distance measurement tools, the distance is always calculated perpendicularly making the measurement very accurate

Intermetallic Analysis (IMC)

  • Determining the average total of area interest, investigating intermetallic coverage.



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