NANOS Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope SEM-EDX

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Phe-nx high-tech company based in Eindhoven Netherlands, crucible NANOS offers SEM imaging, a comprehensive and affordable tabletop SEM for high-resolution imaging and integrated energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) for rapid elemental analysis. It is designed for easy installation, ease of use and easy servicing. Perfect for research & development, educational & industrial usage.

  • High Performance SED & 4 Quad BSE Detectors
  • EDX ‒ Spot Analysis & Element Mapping
  • Low Vacuum Capability
  • Motorised XY Stage & Eucentric Tilt
  • Filament Performance Optimisation
  • Easy to Use GUI
  • Robust modern design (Ducth, Netherlands)
  • Easy access for maintenance and upgrades
  • Low Service Costs


Magnification range: 2 – 12x Magnification range: 50 – 200,000x
ILLUMINATION Optical Bright field
SEM Optimized thermionic source (tungsten)
Acceleration voltages Default: 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 15 & 20 kV
Adjustable range between 1 & 20kV
DETECTOR Secondary electron detector (SED)
Backscattered electron detector (BSD) – 4 quadrant
Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy detector (EDS) – integrated

NANOS  ̶̶  the Microscope
The NANOS is a comprehensive and affordable tabletop scanning electron microscope (SEM). It is engineered using the latest technology, giving fast and high quality SEM images and elemental analysis. Its design is robust and modern, which makes it perfect for research & development, educational and industrial usage.

The NANOS comes with both a Secondary Electron Detector (SED) and a Back Scattered Electron Detector (BSD) as standard. The BSD is a 4-quadrant detector with fully controllable independent segments. By utilizing
the segments in different combinations, it provides compositional or topographical detail from the sample, as well as images with a ‘shading-effect’ by highlighting  the surface from multiple directions.
An Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX) Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) is installed for Elemental Analysis.

Elemental Analysis
The NANOS comes with a fully integrated Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX) Silicon Drift Detector (SDD). Via the User Interface operator can select EDX Point Analysis or activate Elemental Mapping.

Phe-nx was founded in 2021 by seasoned electron microscopy experts. The NANOS has been developed by passionate innovators with an extensive network and deep-understanding of EM technology and engineering. All together the team has more than 200+ years EM experience with Philips, #FEI, #Phenom & #ThermoFisher #SEM #scanning electron microscope #electron microscope #microscopy #EDX