X-Ray Fluorescence Plating Thickness Large Stage Sample

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X-ray fluorescence technology to determine the thickness and composition of plating deposits with exceptional accuracy. Measurement is performed by exposing a precisely defined area of the test specimen to x-ray energy.

Large stage chamber, flexibility of measuring a wide variety of sample sizes, shapes, and quantities. It is equipped with a high precision programmable X-Y stage that offers several convenience factors over a fixed stage. Operators can use the mouse and software interface to move to desired measurement locations easily. Multi-point programs can be created to automatically measure multiple sample locations with the click of a button. Pinpoint control is achievable for testing critical areas. Larger sampling volumes are possible through multi-point programming.


XRF analyzers provide non-contact coating thickness measurement for every element, and alloy, from aluminum to uranium. Our instruments are the industry standard for very thin multi-layer alloy coatings on small parts and on complex shapes.

Elemental Analysis

Where layers of pure metals or alloys are used to enhance product features, it is important to precisely determine both coating thickness, and the elements in the sample.