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Microscopy, XRF Coating Thickness & Lab Solution Provider

MicroX Tech Advance Sdn. Bhd. primarily represents overseas manufacturers products in Malaysia market and provides after sales services. Enterprise was established in 2013 and today was a trusted supplier of products to many happy and satisfied customers. MicroX is a premium brand and the market leader in the instruments for the engineering and industrial purpose. All kinds of product are produced with guaranteed high quality, zero defect products.

We focus on the microscopy, XRay XRF coating thickness, lab, consumables & reference standard technical supply specialize in Quality Assurance, Failure Analysis, Instruments market Mechanical Quality Control Instruments, Analytical Instruments, Test and Measuring Instruments and R&D Sector. Focus industrial market such as Semiconductors, Electronics, PCBA, Laboratory, General Industrial, and University (Education).

We are always ensure our customers continuously grow with our supplier products & expertise providing partial innovation and beneficial results and expectations. Also collaborate with Automation Wafer Inspection Machining, an innovative vision and handling system manufacturer which is supporting production/process vision inspection technology, precision thickness measurement solution.

Our direction is clear, the company believes in best quality in class and range. With on time delivery and flexable delivery schedules you can be sure you will get what you ordered delivered on time. Quality is where we never compromised. MicroX has a commitment to customer satisfaction. We provide quality products and exceptional service through our strict quality control system and responsive sales force. All of our customers are satisfied to our finished products that we take pride in our reliable work and service.

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Our Vision

MicroX Tech Advance Sdn. Bhd. is established with a group of technical and experienced engineers well versed in the industrial expectation and requirements. We create the culture of mutual cooperation, trust & Capabilities for lasting success, progress & achievement between MTA customers & Suppliers

Our Mission

To be instant solutions provider that continue to grow in knowledge, excel in innovative technology and application hence providing our best possible solutions.

We focus on 3 things:

  1. Our customers’ requirements
  2. Our innovative solutions & Completeness
  3. Our Supplier’s Support & Expertise