Cressington Sputter Coater 208Carbon

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Most advanced Carbon Coater with wide applications for TEM, SEM and microprobe techniques. The modular design permits rapid change between a variety of applications with optimized operation conditions

Cressington 208 is designed as a modular system to adapt to the many different needs demanded by modern EM sample prep techniques. The basic system can be fitted with different accessories to customize a specialist system for TEM (support films, shadowing, aperture cleaning, glow discharge etc.) or SEM (high vacuum for microprobe or polished substrates – low vacuum for course or granular substrates) or both.

The main features are:-

Voltage controlled rod source gives multiple evaporation capability.

Automatic evaporation control gives ease of use in a busy environment.

Low cost thickness monitor gives reproducible results.

80 l/sec turbo pump on a 150mm chmaber gives very rapid pump down.

Reduces operating costs several ways:- No diffusion pump to leave on continuously.

– No need for water cooling

– No need for LN2 (dry nitrogen gas optional)

– Compact, space saving, modern bench top design.



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