Optical High Power Microscope

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Optic Microscopy MX8 – designed for versatility

One for All – Research Grade Optical Microscopes

Highly Flexible All-Purpose Optical Microscopy System for Research & Laboratory Applications
Countless Possibilities
From the early design stage, MX-8 system was conceived in a modular form to allow future upgrading and augmentation.
The ultimate aim is to allow the system to be adopted by wide range of applications – industrial, material science, life
science, natural resources, semiconductors, minerals, LCD, fluorescent etc.
Microscope type
High-power optical microscope
Upright body with Y frame structure
Field of applications
Industrial/Material science, life science, petrography & minerals, fluorescent etc.
Optical system
Colour-corrected infinity optical system (CIOS)
Optical magnification range
20x – 1000x
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