IMT Digital Microscopy Analysis

IMT microscope analysis

IMT Microscopy Image Analyzer Image analyzer is the brain of modern microscopy system. Besides performing the routine jobs of processing and analyzing the microscopy image, it plays the central control role to coordinate all the ongoing operations – camera capturing, stage scanning, lighting intensity, lens change, auto focusing, object segmentation etc. Moreover, the image analyzer […]

Nano Optical Microscope ON200

Opto Nano 200 Using patented microsphere microscopy technology, Opto Nano 200 is able to resolve target features down to 137 nm scale in visible light and ambient air observation. Built on a robust optical microscope structure, Opto Nano microscopes offers extraordinary imaging capability and high-speed data acquisition in an exceptionally compact size, ease of use at ultralow operating cost. 1. […]

Xoptron Wafer Inspector 120

WAFER INSPECTOR 120 Designed to deliver fast & convenient viewing of large microscopic objects, system is a digital inspector suitable for routine inspection jobs of wafer and flat panel display in semiconductor industry. Xoptron’s class leading optics offer multiple contrast methods- BF, DF, Pol, DIC etc. Wafer Inspector 120 has numerous ergornomic features to reduce […]

X50 Optical High Power Microscope

X50 series – designed for performance Essential Upright Optical Microscope For Routine Laboratory Applications.   Compact and Robust X50 upright microscope offers essential brightfield and simple polarizing observation methods for common industrial applications. This robust and attractively priced microscopes is ergonomic to reduce fatigue during long hours operation. Its compactness provides more working space to user […]

X80 Optical High Power Microscope

Xoptron X80 – designed for versatility One for All – Research Grade Optical Microscopes Highly Flexible All-Purpose Optical Microscopy System for Research & Laboratory Applications Countless Possibilities From the early design stage, X80 system was conceived in a modular form to allow future upgrading and augmentation. The ultimate aim is to allow the system to […]